PDH (Plesiosynchronous Digital Hierarchy)

PDH (Plesiosynchronous Digital Hierarchy)

The Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy (PDH) is a technology used in telecommunications networks to transport large quantities of data over digital transport equipment such as fibre optic and microwave radio systems. 

Term plesiochronous is derived from Greek plēsios, meaning near, and chronos, time, and refers to the fact that PDH networks run in a state where different parts of the network are nearly, but not quite perfectly, synchronised. the following rates are supported by different multiplexer and crossconnect products:

MILENS has experience with following product lines;

And we implemented and integrated over 3000 PDH products. Please refer our services page for full services portfolio and have a look at our reference projects

Please refer our services page for full Services portfolio and have a look at our Reference projects