Our core business is Systems Integration.

CARE is one of the most critical stand of System Integration. The rapid change of technologies and increasing network capacities force operators to provide organizations that are serving solutions to their customers problems instantly. None of the operators prefer or able to provide huge organization to serve their customers.

Hereby MILENS, offers its proven multivendor integration know how to its customers to annihilate this pressure so that they can focus developing their uture plans.

CARE is not an intention, it is a capability. MILENS, constituted its CARE support many years ago investing additional high profile know how to its actual high capabilities. We are not” INTENDING”, we are “CONTRACTED” to provide CARE to Operators, End Users, Main Contractors etc. The scope of OUR CARE typically includes;

We provide Care Solutions according to the customer requirements based on solutions and SLA conditions. We provide;

solutions on customer preferred SLA conditions.

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