Cabling Solutions

Cabling Solutions

MILENS’s cabling portfolio are based on flexible, scalable solutions to meet each individual requirement of our Customers.

Our Fiber Optic and Structured Cabling Teams have over 15 years of experience in fibre cable planning & design, splicing, termination and test, fibre blowing and copper jointing, providing the highest service standard with the most carrier grade equipment available on the market.

As a turnkey contractor, we undertake all the process from site surveys, civil works, tests, standard maintenance, horizontal, vertical drilling, etc.

MILENS offers many years of proven experience in Cabling Solutions to our Customers for a clear competitive edge.

Typical Services;

  • Site survey, detailed engineering and reporting services,
  • Land survey, drilling and related documentation,
  • Analysis of all kind of surveys; site, land and generating weak point reports,
  • Fiber & Copper cable supply and installation,
  • HDPE pipe supply and installation,
  • FEED and Detailed Engineering,
  • Fiber optic cable blowing, splicing, termination and OTDR tests,
  • Equipment, material, instrument, vehicle planning and supply,
  • Project plan; manhole, special crossings (main road, road, river, bridge etc.) with horizantal and vertical drilling, fiber route, digging, excavation, filling etc,
  • GIS as built and all mapping services,
  • Permit supply & support for government, private land, crossings etc.